Fuel To The Fire.

Yeah, I guess I should have known that anything I wrote that was mildly critical of the NRA would be picked up by one of Bloomberg’s minions.

I don’t mind that as much, though, as they then quote The Truth About Guns right after they talk about me.


The NRA’s recent missteps remind me, in a way, of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He started off well, taking over a department that was in chaos after it bungled a high-profile mass murder case, and he quickly whipped everyone into shape, instituting popular programs like Tent City, pink underwear and green weenies.

Then a few years into his term, things got nasty. The Sheriff’s Office started to throw it’s weight around and make political threats that were backed up by the power of the badge, and all that good will vanished overnight.

I still believe that Sheriff Joe is a good man who truly wants to put the brakes on crime in Maricopa County.

But at what cost?

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