Not For Sale: Mossberg 930 SPX Shotgun

Well that was fast: I originally wrote this article over weekend about the 930SPX that I had for sale on I listed the darn thing on Saturday, and it sold on Sunday, making this post rather redundant.

So instead, just enjoy these pics of a gun I no longer have.

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Mossberg 930SPX for sale

custom made

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  1. Did you like the shotgun? I’m thinking very hard about getting one, but I don’t know anyone who has had experience with one. Pluses? Minuses? Thanks.

    1. I got it because it’s really easy for someone who’s cross-eye dominant to run, and the JM Pro wasn’t out yet. It ain’t a Glock: You gotta clean it (especially the gas piston) every 500 rounds or so. As a tac shotgun, it would great: The ghost ring sights let me bulls-eye steel plates at 50 yards. As a 3 gun shotgun, it suffered from not being able to take chokes, which resulted in multiple shots on poppers and a lot of missed plates.

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