I’m Sucky And I Know It.

45 out of 50. Not too shabby.

Why is the Dot Torture drill so beloved of “serious” (aka “hobbyist”) pistol owners, even though we suck at it so much?

We do it because shooting a Dot Torture drill is a sign that you’re willing to say that “Rather than do the things that I’m good at all day long and tell myself I’m a good shot, I am willing to do a drill that I suck at in order to learn where my weaknesses are.”

To borrow from Tam’s excellent article from earlier this month, THAT’S the difference between a hobbyist and everyone else. A “hobbyist” understands they’re not good at something, and has the willpower, means and lack of ego to get better at it. Most gun owners couldn’t tell you what’s wrong with how they shoot a gun, and they have little desire to improve.

And that’s actually really, really ok, because they are having fun while they shoot, because they shoot for fun. The thing is, though, I don’t really shoot for fun all that much anymore. Pretty much every time I go out to a range now, it’s to shoot a match or test a gun or work on a skill. I’m a hobbyist. It’s what I do.

Now, can we get people to work on a skill while preserving the fun?

Do we even want to?

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  1. I know this is late, but I just saw this. It reminds me of when I first started playing football. I was a running back, in those days, and the coach asked me, what play should we run, in a practice. I said a sweep, because I hate dive plays. So he said, great, we’ll run a dive play.
    It is of course just human nature to do the things we like and are good at. It takes discipline and hard work to force ourselves to do the things that we are not good at and are hard to do. I later became actually a very good football player, having learned the lessons from that young age, that hard work yields results. I never had as much ingrained talent as many on the teams that I played on or against, but I can say with confidence that I outworked anyone that I ever stepped onto a football field with, on my team or any other.

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