Well This Is Nothing But Good News.

The ATF has updated their NFA processes to use a technology first pioneered in the early 60’s!

What will they think of next?

Buy a silencer, any silencer from anywhere (or any NFA item):

When it comes time for your local dealer to transfer your NFA item(s) to you or your legal entity, they head over to one of the three websites setup to generate barcode enabled NFA forms: available now at Silencer Shop and coming soon to Dead Air Armament, GEMTECH and silencer wholesalers. There are no costs or fees for either the consumer or the dealer.

The bad news is, this process got put into place RIGHT before I bought my can, so I’m going to have to tough it out and wait (and wait) for it to be processed by Special Agent Bartleby until I can get ahold of it.

But I am planning on buying more cans in the future, and they’ll be processed using this new format. This will work until the Hearing Protection Act passes and we don’t need to do this silly song and dance anymore.