Can’t Stop The Signal, Mal.

Good thing my home and (still) native land has such ridiculously strong gun laws, or else people would be able to carry around submachine guns, or something.

Machine Shop MACs

Two fully automatic submachine guns believed to be manufactured at a machinist shop just west of Edmonton were just several prohibited firearms seized following an eight-month investigation by the province’s integrated police law enforcement unit.

The two MAC-11 guns, capable of firing an entire magazine of 30 rounds in seconds with a single pull of the trigger, were also outfitted with suppressors and oversized magazines, police said in a Wednesday news release.

And to make matters worse, they were probably built by and used by Oilers fans. That there is a hanging offense, in my book.

As Tam is found of saying, you can find 90% Sten Guns in the plumbing aisle at your local hardware store, and it looks like somebody did just that.

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  1. Those lowers look substantially more fancy than the uppers or the silencers; I wonder if they are reworked semi auto lowers, possibly from the US, while the silencers, uppers, and magazines look new – however, the MAC family usually uses double stack mags and those are obviously single stacks; it would be interesting to find more information on those guns.

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