Conflict Of Interests

First off, kudos to Glock for turning the fifth time they’ve had to update Perfection™ into a major gun event.

It’s a good idea, and a great way to get the fanboys excited for something outrageously innovative, like sights that are actually useful or getting rid of those STUPID finger grooves.


It’s also the same night as the Macgregor-Mayweather fight.

Think that a large part of Glock’s target market is going to more interested in the fight than being the first to shoot a new gun?

Me too.

Update: We have photos of the new gun! It’s, umm, well, a Glock! Without finger grooves! And with a high-tech innovative feature called “an ambidextrous slide release”.

Something that other guns have had for decades prior to this, but now, they’ve perfected it!

Perfect 5th.

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  1. Soo….aside from personal preference, what is/was wrong with finger grooves? Why not any comment about Glock bitterly clinging to a trigger guard which can be used additional area to grip the pistol? ( have seen a rounded, traditional trigger guard on another gun touted as an improvement along the lines of “no one shoots that way anymore “. I do. Sig seems to think there’s something there, too, not to mention HK , but I digress…. ) . Agree with Tam that they aided in shooting the compact models, ( carried a 26 for years , which also got treated to Plus 2 magazine base “plates” for addition surface area. ) and saw or had no problem arise from them on my 17 nor 21.
    Just as an aside, I have and enjoy a number of 1911 based pistols, and numerous revolvers. Seriously, I’m trying to discover the reason for the dislike aimed at those finger grooves, specifically on Glocks.

  2. The finger grooves and thumb dimples were there for points, so the 26 and 27 could be imported into the country, any effect on the ability to shoot was irrelevant. Same reason Glock never imported the 25 and 28. Not enough points in .380.

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