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The EXO ONE (X01) is a patent-pending multi-caliber exoskeleton for the Sig Sauer® P320 Fire Control Unit (FCU) and adjacent firearm components including barrel, slide assembly, and magazine release. This transformation happens in moments without tools and is fully reversible.

FCU != Florida Central University

I’m a sucker for Personal Defense Weapons, and this looks like an interesting application of the modularity that makes the P320 so cool into the PDW market space.

Colt got left behind the minute the M4 lower made it out into the open market, and maybe this will serve as a wakeup call to SIG that when it comes to the P320, they are in the fire control unit business, not necessarily the pistol business.

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  1. Awesome. Sig built themselves a great platform. If they realize this FCU-business, they are golden. Image this happening to Glock (if they were that innovative): They’d sue everyone into the ground (like they did with Airsoft copies, which robs us of good training tools).

    As for the implementation of the EXO One: Good. But I don’t like that the optics are located on the hinged and therefore least stable part of the gun. The CZ75-based PDW thing from B&T puts the optics on the stock adapter, which seems like a better solution to me.

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