Changing Things Up A Bit.

CZ P07

I don’t have a “carry rotation” of defensive pistols. I carry an LCPII if I need to be discrete, and either an S&W Shield or a CZ P07 for other purposes. I made the decision last year to go with the Shield as my primary gun, and it’s worked really well for me. The Shield is skinny and light (two BIG advantages in a concealed carry pistol) and I know that I can get first-shot hits with it out to 50 yards in under 3 seconds because Jeff Street has watched me do it.

But the Shield has one big drawback: It can hold 8 rounds max in the magazine, or 10 rounds if I want to make my gun print a little more. I’m not expecting to get into a gun fight where I’m going to need an extendo clip, but then again, I’m not expecting to get into a gunfight AT ALL.


I’m not a fan of how things are headed as of late, and being on my own for a few days has increased my awareness of how badly things can go wrong if and when they go wrong. Yes, the statistics clearly prove that 8+1 plus another 8 on the belt will get me through any bad things that might be headed my way, however, having double the boollits in the gun and double the boollits on my belt provides a level of comfort that is very, very real, so it’s back to the P07, at least for a while.

I’m also wearing sandals less-frequently, and wearing shoes that I can run in more often (which can be a real hardship here in sunny Florida). I’m also figuring out ways I can carry my cheap and dirty trauma kit with me all the time, not just when I’m wearing a pair of jeans.

Is it silly to do such things? Yes, right up to the point when it’s not.

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  1. I do not expect a fire, yet there is a fire extinguisher five steps to my left from where I now sit.
    I do not expect an automobile accident, yet I put on my seat belt whenever I am in a vehicle.
    I do not expect to need a firearm, yet I carry.
    The need is improbable, yet non-zero.
    Sometimes the higher capacity doublestack is more reassuring than the singlestack pocket pistol when anticipating the more improbable, yet non-zero.
    It is better to have and not need than to need and not have.

  2. Instead of going to a full shoe, have you considered something like a Teva? The important point is the ankle strap setup, so they stay on your foot. With that, you should be able to run and kick.
    When I see people in public wearing flipflops, it just screams “sheaple!”, or idiot, as the case may be.

    1. I already wear a pair of Keen sandals similar to that when a lighter weight shoe is needed. What I’m talking about is going with nicer-looking running shoes versus a pair of Sketcher loafers.

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