The Top Ten Guns Preferred By Professional Gun Users.

The title of this post at Petapixel irked me somewhat: The Top Ten Films Preferred By Professional Photographers.

Umm, ok, so what? Why does it matter if Morty The Wedding Photographer (hey, he makes his living at it, so technically, he IS a professional photographer) likes to shoot 100 ISO color neg film? Does that affect my preference for Fuji Provia over Ektachrome? And just because Pete Turner could make Kodachrome sit up and dance, should I have used it when I was a “professional photographer” instead of relying on the speed and flexibility of E-6 process films?

Of course not.

Bottom line is, find out what works best for you and how you take photos, and make it your own. However, don’t be afraid to adapt to a new system if the situation demands it.

And yes, this post was a metaphor for defensive firearms.

P.S. Tri-X RULES. Maybe the greatest film in the history of everything. You ain’t a sports photog until you’ve rushed back to the darkroom 15 minutes before deadline, ran your TX400 pushed two stops in 110° Rodinal for two minutes and then printed the suckers wet and slapped them on your editor’s desk with two minutes of deadline to spare. You kids and your chimping these days.