And Tam, Of Course, Is Correct.

As someone who’s had to learn how to integrate various levels of armed self-defense into a white-collar working environment for almost a dozen years now, let me just add “HELL YES.”

“‘Dressing around the gun’ is the single dumbest godd*** concept the industry has ever come up with. Espoused principally by two groups; those who carry under color of law and those who don’t have real jobs. That is to say, not on the same planet as the rest of us.” –Claude Werner
There are people who work daily in non-permissive environments with dress codes, where a gun may be legal to carry, but would be a firing offense. Telling a 5’4″ woman in a skirt with no belt loops to “dress around” a Glock 19 in an IWB holster makes one sound a little dense.
There are people who have social lives who like to dress normally around their friends and peers at dinners or cocktail parties. There is a place for a gun that can be carried very discreetly.

IDPA knew this from the very start, which is why they came up with the Back Up Gun division, a division that’s now officially a part of that sport.

Firearms trainers? They’re still working on it. There are precious few pocket-gun specific classes out there, even though the LCP and its successor have been selling like hotcakes for the last ten years.

To me, “Reality-based” firearms training for new gun owners has to start by training beginners to use the guns they own, not the guns the trainer thinks they should own. You want more students in your class? Teach them how to shoot, not how to buy a gun you like.

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  1. I think of this every time I read another article praising appendix carry as the best thing since sliced bread. It only works if you never have to tuck your shirt in. For those of us whose jobs require wearing a tucked-in shirt, with or without a jacket, it’s impossible to do.
    Yet everybody on the Internet, both keyboard commando and legit instructor, recommends it for a number of reasons (some legit, some spurious).

  2. It is based entirely upon my bigotry, and no real life experience carrying that way, except for trying to see if I can be mentally comfortable doing it, but I just cannot get over the mental red flags that go up trying to carry AIWB. My son does so, with no problem. I know that many, many people do so, with no problem. It is not so much a physical issue with me as a mental one.

    I am slowly working my way into carrying my 1911 everyday. I say slowly not because I am afraid of the cocked and locked part, which is not an issue to me, but because it is a much larger and heavier gun than I am used to, so I have to get used to it. I tried to carry it with the OWB holster that I used for my compact 9mm, and that is a no go. It is just not comfortable like that. I need a good IWB. I am looking at Alien Gear.

  3. Agreed. I didn’t want to go into the safety thing because the theme of the post was “dressing around the gun,” but I find it amusing (in a sick way) that so many people who say you should carry extra mags and lights, etc., “to keep Mr. Murphy away” seem to think AIWB is completely foolproof and safe.
    Just goes to show how poor most people’s risk-assessment skills are.

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