That’s Why They Play The Game

So the NRA decided to cut the post-Vegas gun control argument off at the knees and make a play for national reciprocity instead.

Good. They should. As I said elsewhere, we’re winning now, and that requires different tactics. NOT ONE INCH MORE! was a great order to give the troops at El Alamein or at Stalingrad, but it would kinda suck to hear if you were stranded somewhere on the Tarawa Atoll. Moving forward will require something more from the NRA than just circling the wagons and refusing to move. There are a number of my friends who are saying “Yeah, right, like the NRA is EVER going to get national reciprocity and the SHARE Act passed. They gave up bump stocks, and in return we got bupkis.”

To which I say, if you travelled back in time to 1997 and told gun owners who were suffering under the restrictions of the Assault Weapons Ban, that 20 years from now, they’d be buying $400 AR-15 rifles, $500 AR “pistols” that were effectively SBR’s and that 30 round mags would cost less than $10 apiece, they’d lock you into the looney bin and throw away the key.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over, and to borrow a line from the best movie of all time, nothing is written.

Let’s see how this plays out.