Market Forces

I have a good friend who is an outstanding advertising / fashion photographer, and, more importantly, a outstanding photo instructor as well. He can teach you how to see light and use it to your advantage better than almost anyone I know, and he’s been doing this for years and years now. You would think that his workshops, which teach you the advanced fundamentals you need to take your picture-taking to new levels, would be sold out YEARS in advance.

And you’d be wrong.

The classes that ARE getting filled up aren’t taught by him, but rather by hacks who know little to nothing about the technical aspects of photography but they CAN teach you how to take cute pictures of your kid like those STUPID Anne Geddes photos.

In other words, the demand for photo classes about photography is almost non-existent, but the demand for classes that teach you how to use photography to capture an emotional moment is rather high.

Who out there is effectively using an emotional appeal to sign people up for a post-CCW training class? Marketing 101 tells us that we make buying decisions with our emotions first, then justify those decisions with our brain. Is there a way to use this effectively without sliding into “Learn How To Shoot Like A Navy SEAL” territory?

I dunno, but I’d like to find out.