The Key Quote

From an article I linked to earlier today:

“Acting on Jobs’ vision, Macs were setup as task-oriented workstations. Each part of the store would be dedicated to different tasks.”

Have you ever, in your entire life, walked into a gun store where guns and accessories were laid out by TASK, rather than by caliber or manufacturer?

Me neither.

Imagine walking into an electronics store where all the Samsung appliances… TV’s, washers, cell phones, you name it, were lumped all together.

And yet that’s exactly what store after store does in gun retail.


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  1. Well, before we can do that, we might need to have a talk what tasks we actually need what kind of guns for 😉

    As in: “Maybe we can file the 6 inch .357 Mag revolvers under ‘BBQ guns’, because I am sure as hell not letting them in my self-defense open-carry corner”.
    Never will we get closer to an actual gunfight in a gun store. ^^

    1. Yeah, this sort of thing will break down at some point. I mean, what is the “task” of an AR-15? All of mine were built with different tasks in mind, yet they’re all AR’s.

      However, it works really well for people who want a concealable defensive firearm.

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