The Old Abnormal.

The Assault Weapons Ban was enacted in 1994, just as concealed carry was starting to take off in the U.S. The ban expired in 2004, and three years later, the Obama sales surge started. There’s never been a time when owning an carrying a standard-capacity compact 9mm has been considered “normal”.

We’ve never had a stable market for full-featured AR’s and pistols with a standard-capacity magazines. The size of the market is SO much bigger than it was in 1994, we really don’t now how SELL guns outside of a niche.

For example, I was talking with a local gun range last week about expanding their customer base, and some things we’re looking at is doing events with the local car clubs and service organizations.

Now, I could be wrong on this, and I probably am, but I paid close attention to what the original upscale indoor range, Scottsdale Gun Club, did for marketing before, during and after they opened up, and I don’t recall them ever doing any outreach beyond the shooting community in the Phoenix area before they opened up in 2003. Today, however, there’s Tupperware parties The Well Armed Woman and host of other organizations out there that are specifically designed get people into guns who are not already part of the shooting community.

For over a dozen years now, guns have sold because they COULD be sold. Now, guns will need to be sold on other criteria, and we’re still learning what those criteria will be.

People are buying guns based on their lifestyle. Isn’t time we make shooting guns a part of their lifestyle as well?