The AR-15 Is Dead.

I mean, why would somebody chose an AR-15 in .223, when they could shoot a battle rifle in .308? The .308 is a much more powerful cartridge, and if you can carry an seven pound AR, you can carry a nine and a half pound FAL.

The FAL is clearly superior: It offers more firepower, and there’s no reason not to carry one. The AR platform is dead.

Sounds stupid, right? Well, it is.

Now read this article, and everytime you see “.380”, substitute “AR-15,” and see if makes any sense to you.

Are .380 pocket guns the best choice for concealed carry? No.

Are they a BAD choice? No, not really. There’s a big, big difference between a bad choice for concealed carry, and a less-than optimal choice.

Don’t let best become the enemy of good enough.

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  1. I remember when the argument went the other way. The .380 is just too underpowered to carry as a self defense gun. I also remember that I at one time carried the only thing I had at the time, a 9 shot, H & R revolver, in .22 caliber. Not the best, but I didn’t feel like I would like to get poked in the chest with a pencil 9 times. Thankfully, I was able to continue to upgrade, to the point where I now can choose between my 9mm or my .45cal 1911. And I would never feel unarmed with a .380. I shot my son’s LCP in that caliber, and was very impressed. Very accurate, shootable and controllable, I would not want to shoot all day with it, but I could spend enough time with it to put a couple of hundred rounds through it with a good shooting glove. Very valid points you make here, that often people try to overlook the fact that some people simply don’t want to try to conceal a larger handgun than one of the small .380’s.

  2. My question is does that dumbass carry his Glock 19 everywhere?

    The LCP in your pocket is better than the Sig P-226 In the safe every time.

  3. Consider that the LC9S Pro in your pocket may be even better, but I have no issues with those who want smaller, lighter yet at the cost of less capacity. Just carry something.

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