Armed And Gregarious.

One of the overlooked benefits of the dojo model of firearms instruction is the social aspect of going to a range on a regular basis and interacting with normal (or semi-normal) people who kinda look and talk like you do.

Think about it: We want guns to become normal, and yet the training opportunities we provide are a hassle that require us to set aside an entire weekend or more and maybe travel far, far away.

That sort of behavior is not normal for me or just about any other American adult.

But going to a karate class every week and chatting with the other parents as our kids get their kicks? That’s normal.

Getting used to concealed carry means getting used to the idea that people like yourself might be carrying concealed, and meeting those type of people on a regular basis makes concealed carry seem like a regular, everyday thing.

Because it is.

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  1. I’m very fortunate to have a local instructor that does structure his classes like this. Every month (more or less) he has a pistol class and a carbine class (with a scoped rifle class to be added after the new year). It definitely makes a difference having the same folk show up over and over again. One of the biggest advantages, as in a dojo, is that the more advanced shooters get to help the newer shooters so learning often happens faster.

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