Pay Attention, Action Target:

And you too, Cabela’s.

Here’s your opportunity: There is going to be a metric buttload of prime inner-city retail space opening up in the near future, space that is CRYING OUT for a mixed-use entertainment / lifestyle redevelopment.

Mall anchor store infrastructure is just MADE for indoor ranges and retail. Take over the just the first floor if needed, but set up an indoor range with a few bays out to at least 50 yards, a VIP club / range, a great showroom, a classroom or two, a simulator / training room and a cafe.

Heck, why not combine those last two into one venue?

Mall owners are going to be desperate, and when they are, that’s your time to act.


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  1. I believe that you are forgetting a major problem with this proposal. Many mall owners do not allow the carrying of firearms by customers, openly or concealed, posting them against such customers who then refuse to patronize those malls. Can you say “suicidal death spiral”? Why would a business owner want to deal with a hostile landlord and a possible non-renewal of a lease or intolerable lease terms?

    Instead, many free-standing big box buildings with adequate parking will also become available for purchase and conversion to the uses you describe. Locally to me, a former furniture store was purchased and converted to many of the uses you describe and appears to be doing well, but without a cafe. Vending machines are used for snacks and beverages.

    1. That’s what separate entrances into the store are for! πŸ™‚

      The Chandler Mall near where I used to live was a posted no-carry zone, with signs everywhere EXCEPT the Sears store entrances. Guess which entrance I always used… πŸ™‚

      But yes, you are correct, many malls are posted no-carry zones. How many mall owners are willing to keep them up or be faced with bankruptcy remains to be seen.

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