Ruger Did It Again.

First, it was ripping off my idea for a slogan, now they’re ripping off my ideas for guns.

Me, five years ago:

Bring Back The PC-9

A few reasons.

  • There are very few inexpensive but nice 9mm carbines. There’s the Beretta CX4, and then my choices are pricey (9mm upper), average (Kel-Tec Sub2k) or charitably low-end (Hi-Point).
  • Caracal’s coming out with one, so is Tavor and Saiga’s got a new one too. If there weren’t the demand for them, they wouldn’t make ’em. Speaking of which…
  • “Tactical Carbine/Shotgun” matches are popping up all over the place, allowing people shoot 3 Gun-style matches without having to deal with rifle-strength targets or have a 300+ yard range nearby.
  • A 9mm Carbine makes a dandy home-defense long gun, giving you the increased control and added thump of more muzzle velocity of a long gun without the over-penetration worries of a rifle-caliber carbine.
  • And it makes a dandy bug-out gun, too. Having to carry around one kind of ammo and carry one set of magazines makes a lot of sense when you’re dealing with limited space and weight. A 9mm carbine maxes out at about 100 yards, but that’s all you’ll be likely to need in anything other than a complete and total “SHTF” scenario.

Memo to Ruger: Take the PC-9, slap on the furniture from your tactical Mini-14, and you’re there.

Ruger, today:

Ruger 9mm Carbine

I need to send them an invoice for services rendered. This is getting ridiculous.

If this carbine comes in anywhere near Kel-Tec Sub2000 prices, they have a winner on their hands. And considering that 90% of the tooling for this gun probably already exists, it just might do exactly that.

UPDATE: The post is now live at Recoil. $549 MSRP, so expect to see street prices starting about $100 below that. Takes 10/22 trigger components.  Wowza. This is a) a shot across the bow of Kel-Tec and b) going to put some serious price pressure on the 9mm AR market.

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  1. Probably will retail for $799 and at best you will get it for $650.
    For some reason, manufacturers love to screw 9 mm carbines with the price.

    1. Some of the cherubim and seraphim are chirping about prices that are just above 10/22 prices.

      Look at where the new Security Nine comes in at: $379 MSRP, which means street prices in the Taurus / Kel-Tec / Sccy range. Why is the Security Nine so inexpensive? It’s essentially a scaled-up LCP2. All the heavy lifting on that gun was done a decade ago with the LCP.

      Same with this gun: It’s essentially the PC-9(2), and the design work on that rifle was done over 20 years ago. If I have to guess, (and I do), I’d say a sub-$500 MSRP, maybe even sub-$400.

  2. As C+C Music Factory once sang…things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

    Part of me would like to get a Scorpion because Czec, but another part of me would give Ruger’s offering due consideration. A 9mm carbine that accepts Glock mags would be a good solution to many needs methinks.

    1. Takedown for easy storage, uses Glock mags, 9mm… this is an almost-perfect camp carbine / bug out gun / discreet car gun. Loaded with 124gr +Ps, this should be able to handle anything smaller than a black bear.

  3. Awesome sauce. I’m about to be the new PCC champ at the local club 3 Gun matches. The fact that I’ll be the only one for a bit is irrelevant

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