Idol Threat.

The TSA has an interesting look at the various items it confiscated from people going through airport checkpoints. Among the obviously dumb ideas, (like trying to carry an item that LOOKS like gun but is really a knife onto a plane…) was this little tidbit of information:

Of the 86 firearms discovered, 73 were loaded and 24 had a round chambered.

The TSA specifies that they found these guns in carry-on bags, in other words, these are all off-body carry.

Here’s a breakdown of the guns found and the condition they were in when found:

Too bad. There's some decent guns here.

Only 85% of the people who had a gun in their bag for “self protection” had it loaded, and 28% had a round chambered. In other words, the 72% of the people who showed up to an airport with a gun thoughtlessly left in a bag they wanted to take on a plane had that gun in a condition where it was pretty much useless as for self-defense.

That says a LOT about the demographics of people who carry around a gun in a bag to make them “feel safe”.


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  1. I wonder about the 38 caliber guns, I’m assuming they’re all revolvers so if they’re loaded they should have a round chambered. Two were unloaded, one was loaded with a round chambered and six were loaded with no round chambered.

    1. I saw that as well. Having worked airport security I suspect that all the loaded 38’s were really loaded. Also with a lot of guns and bags its a good idea to not have a loaded chamber on an off body carry. Off body carry is sort of like a car rifle, You don’t think your really going to need it or you wouldn’t leave it in the car.

      The other big thing is the training. It takes a good bit of training to get folks to realize they really do need a round in the chamber. Especially if your having to undo military training or “gun safety” training. Folks instinctively know they need a gun but have been taught to treat them like they are radioactive.

  2. Something else to ponder… if they FOUND 86 guns (no matter loaded, unloaded, smart-gun, dumb-owner etc.), how many did they miss?????
    Now THAT is truly frightening… ah, TSA = Theatrical Autonomous Stooges…
    Anyone got a better name? Let’s start a contest!!!

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