The Rule to Every Exception.

Yes, in general, car guns are a bad idea.

But four days out of seven, I carry an LCP2 with no reload in my vicinity, so it’s nice knowing that there’s something nearby with a little more oomph to it. Is there a chance that my car could be broken into? Sure, I’ve had my car broken into, and I’ve learned from my mistakes. I had my truck broken into once because someone mistook my Bible in its leather cover for a purse, broke a window and ran off with that and a $40 leather jacket. I’ve lost camera gear due to truck break-ins, and every time it happened, I made the stupid mistake of leaving my gear out in plain view.

Unless it’s a riot situation where EVERYBODY’S car is getting trashed, crooks don’t break into random cars: They are looking for something, and when they see it, they balance the risk vs. reward and go for it.

No reward? Less risk. MUCH less risk.

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  1. Your truck gun should be a pump shotgun or a very basic rifle. It should be considered relatively disposable. It should be stored out of sight. If you realm want to get serious, chain and lock it to the vehicle. Keep a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit there, too.

    It isn’t a carry piece. It doesn’t need to be immediately accessible and deployable. It’s there in case you find yourself in a place and situation where you might need considerable firepower, improved range, or both. Like if you find an angry mob moving on your location and blocking you path of exit.

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