It’s TacticalPay Day.

I was approached by the guys at TacticalPay to do a paid post about their credit card processing service for the gun industry. Normally, I turn down this sort of stuff, but you know what?

It’s pretty good, so I don’t mind talking about what they do on the blog here.

The processing rates are decent, and they work with, which means they’ll probably work with whatever e-commerce shopping cart system you’re using on your site.

It was getting mighty hard for some people in the gun biz to find a credit card service after Operation Choke Point started up, but TacticalPay works JUST inside the gun and gun accessories industries.


So if your bank has been giving you the runaround on your credit card processing, or you think that you’re a second-class citizen with them just because you sell first-class guns, check out TacticalPay and see how they work for you.

* I said I didn’t mind talking about their stuff. I  never said I turned down their money…