Whose Lifestyle Is It Anyways?

Claude’s comments on Ballistic Radio this month hit me really hard. The firearms training industry is in a Catch-22 right now: People flock to trainers who flaunt their high-level military creds because such people have trust icons galore, and at the same time, having a firearms background that is pretty much all M4, all the time is bloody useless for we armed citizens.

This is one of the areas where a background in executive protection can come in handy. While how they protect people may vary from how we armed citizens protect our loved ones, the people who stand around with radio headsets know how to remain discreet while heavily armed, and they have a long history of problem-solving with command tone, soft hands and if necessary, a pistol.

Which sounds pretty much identical to what we normies need to know. We need to think more like Frank Horrigan, and less like Gunny Highway.

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  1. You are exactly correct.

    How does one find reputable and reliable training centered on the civilian executive protection model?

    I suspect the paramilitary trainers are popular among those who have never fired a shot in anger on the two way rifle range. Those who view the gun as a talisman….or have some Walter Mitty dream of being Bruce Willis.

    I’m not interested in any of that. A lifetime of military service has given plenty of practice in solving tactical problems with 30 heavily armed and Kevlar clad associates, backed up with AH-64s and fixed wing. That’s not the problem I need to solve when driving the mini-van full of kids to get groceries or play baseball.

    I like to read Mas Ayood, but I’m not a police office so the context doesn’t match. Same for many other “popular” gun writers; the context just doesn’t match and the skill emphasis doesn’t transfer. Even John Johnston of Ballistic Radio is too offensively focused for practicality. Melody Lauer’s class looks interesting, but she and John don’t get toniur part of the country.

    So please, please spend some effort to tell regular citizens like me how to find a decent family protection trainer. And what books to read in preparation for the classes.

    You have hit the nail squarely on the head.

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