Half A Million Readers Can’t Be THAT Wrong

I just found out that Shooting Illustrated, where a lot of my articles are published, as hit one half million print readers.

That’s dead tree subscribers, and in today’s world, INCREASING your dead tree readership is quite the accomplishment.

Congrats to Ed and Jay and especially me on this accomplishment.


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  1. I added the subscription when Tam was named handgun editor. I look forward to your byline, too.

  2. I spent last weekend with a group of people that included a current NRA director. The word was that NRA membership has suddenly grown by 500,000 or more. So if you’re getting some of the benefits of that growth, why, there you are!

    I wonder how the subscriber bases of Shooting Illustrated, American Hunter, and American Rifleman (am I missing any?) break down.

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