You Never Forget Your First Drive.

Remember when you first learned to drive? How did you feel behind the wheel… were you aggressive, ready to dodge in and out of traffic like Ricky Bobby on the last lap at Talledega, or were you kinda freaked out over the fact that you yourself were in charge of this machine that could cause a world of hurt to you or someone else if you screwed up?

Me? I was in the “freaked out” camp, and so were most of my friends. Somehow, we instinctively knew that being behind the wheel of a car meant that we were literally in charge of our own destiny, and that responsibility weighed heavy on our minds and influenced our every action.

Which dovetails nicely with what Kathy Jackson says here. Honestly, if you think the point of carrying a gun is to impose your will on others, brother, you have no idea what carrying a gun is really about.