Getting The Precision Rifle Bug, And Getting It Bad.

Shooting an accurate, left-handed .22 bolt gun these past few weeks has given me a mighty big desire to start up a .22 Precision Rifle match in my zip code.

The problem is location: The bays at Louland max out at 45 yards or so, and the dance card at Hansen is full pretty much all the time. The Deep Lake range at Altair would be perfect for this, but that’s been shut down since Hurricane Irma.

Okochobee Shooting Sports or Manatee would work great, but those are both a two hour drive for me, which turns the match into a two-day affair. This means I either invest a significant amount of time and gas driving out to the range twice each weekend, or I do an overnight stay in a hotel near the range.


Sucks living out in the boonies.