Flame Wars

I’m an Elon Musk fanboy. I’ll admit it proudly (and not just because he’s half-Canadian). The man has a level of joie de vie and a entrepreneurial spirit that we just don’t see that much these days. Not only is he making boatloads of cash, he’s having FUN while he’s getting rich.

Oh, and he put a sports car into orbit around Mars as well. Because he could.

As a lark, he promised to sell flamethrowers if people bought 500,000 hats which promote The Boring Company, the tunneling company he created to dig tunnels for his hyper-speed magnetic levitation transit system.

What can I say? The dude’s playing the game on many, many levels. Anyways, back to the flamethrowers. He sold out of the hats, and so, true to his word, he develeped and sold a flamethrower, which promptly sold out as well.

The usual Neo-Puritan suspects in California, New York and other places outside of America didn’t like the idea of private citizens owning a flamethrower, so they promptly tried to ban such devices in case people might decide to play with fire, or something.

But that didn’t work, so now Elon Musk’s “Not A Flamethrower” is shipping out to people all across the lower 48.

This is how you win a culture war. You win it by having fun. Let’s go have fun, and let’s take more people to range with us so they can fun as well.