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REALLY like how Julie is showing the targets hit at the bottom of the screen here. Stuff like this is how we’re going to make the shooting sports more popular to a broader audience,

Gabe White on seeing what you need to see to make the shot. Gonna take a lot of time this weekend to read this one in depth.

Four, (count ’em, FOUR) armed citizens show up to take care of a armed bad guy in eastern Washington State. Between this and the Florida carjacker who ran into double jeopardy earlier this month, we may be approaching the tipping point where herd immunity is society’s #1 defense against crime.

SIG Sauer and Max Michel team up to prevent suicide. More, please.

How To Deal With Unsolicited Advice On The Range.

Just like Annette, I carry a knife and a gun. And pepper spray. And a tourniquet. And a flashlight. And a phone. Why? because the problems that each of those items solve are unique to themselves. A phone cannot solve a knife problem, and a gun cannot solve a tourniquet problem. Choose your gear with that in mind.

I still say this is a valid business model for a competitive shooter.