Upcoming Training: Long Range Rifle Immersion Level One

I’ve had my Savage 116 for years now, but I’ve never taken the time to really learn how to use it. It’s an MOA or better gun, but I’m not an MOA or better shooter.

Time for that to change, which is why I’m enrolled in Florida Firearms Training’s Long Range Rifle Immersion class in August.

The class is designed to give students a grounding in the long range game that can be built upon to push things out to 500 yards and beyond. If it’s anywhere near as fun and informative as the hog hunting class I had with them, it’s sure to be a blast.


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  1. Fun? Gun classes can be fun?


    If that was part of either class I took that would have probably gotten them mentioned by name on the blog at least once. Happily, they’re both out of business too!

    But nobody ever mentions FUN when talking about taking one of these classes and I wonder why.

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