The Enthusiast’s Gun

“When man becomes preeminent, he is expected to have certain entoosiasms…”

My article on going back to Single Stack is up at Shooting Sports USA, and it really only scratches the surface on my feelings for the 1911.

Is it the most efficient self-defensive gun on the market today? No. Is it an ineffective self-defense firearm? Oh heck no. Is the 1911 a gun that I’d recommend as a starter gun? Also no.


There is just something about the certainty of the click of the safety going off and the crispness of the trigger break and the firm but smooth recoil of the .45ACP in a heavy metal chassis that tells you “Yep, you shot a gun.” The 1911 almost demands that you wax poetic about it, that you understand how it shaped American gun culture and what it has meant to the gun owners that have came before you.

It’s an enthusiast’s gun, but then again, I’m an enthusiastic kinda guy, so it’s a gun that works well for me.