The Magpul Experience.

To promote their upcoming TV show on Prime, Amazon rolled out “The Jack Ryan Experience” at Comic-con, and it sounds FRICKING AMAZING. 1/3 VR (with environmental add-ons like wind machines and zip lines), 1/3 Live Action Roleplay and 1/3 escape room.

Thinking about it, wouldn’t be that big of a deal for 5.11, MagPul or SIG to get in on the action here. Startup costs would be fairly cheap: A few dozen acres outside of town, or better still, something you can pack into an 18-wheeler and take from town to town. The trick would be to tie your VR world into some existing IP in order to set the hook and raise interest for people outside of the gun community.

I’ve mocked tactical tourism in the past, but DANG if this doesn’t sound cool. Heck, how many dude ranches, restaurants and theme parks popped up in the 50’s with Old West theme to them because of Gunsmoke, Rawhide, et al? Those were all based on the gun heroes of the past, maybe it’s time for the gun heroes of today to get a share of the spotlight.