Product Review: SouthOrd Lock Pick Set.

A few weeks ago, LockPick World contacted and asked if I wanted to review some of the products they offer.

Now, you have to understand that for me, lock pick sets are forbidden fruit. Growing up in Canada, lock pick sets were COMPLETELY off limits, along with shuriken* and pepper spray.

No, I don’t get that either.

Despite this, I grew up reading the exploits of Raffles and The Stainless Steel Rat, and because of this, lock picking was a skill I really wanted to acquire. And so when Lockpick World made their generous offer**, I jumped at the chance.

I know the basics of picking a lock: One tool (the pick) puts tension on the lock, and another, the rake, pokes and prods the tumbler pins until they fall into place and the lock pops open, but I’ve never had the chance to put them into practice until now. Fortunately for me, LockPick World was kind enough to also send over a practice lock with the SouthOrd pick set they sent over, so I could put my technically-legal (but kinda shady) skills into practice.

And it was FUN! I was able to pop open the practice lock in under a half-hour on my first try, and now I’m moving on to simple locks like luggage locks and smaller padlocks. I’m watching “how-to” videos on YouTube, and I’m taking a few moments every week to calm my nerves and practice the delicate art of theoretical larceny.

Now, will I put these new skills to some ill use? Of course not. Is it a handy trick to know? Well, I’ve had more than one friend open up his car with a pick set after leaving his keys inside, so yeah, this skill comes it handy.

Thanks to LockPick World for opening up the world of the amateur cracksman to me.


* And yet throwing knives are completely legal up there. Think there’s an anti-Asian bias to the weapons laws of Canada? I do.
** What part of “sent me product for review” is hard to understand here, FCC?