The Worst Guns Fans In The World: JUDGEment Day

After weeks and weeks of voting, the results are in: The Worst Gun Fans In The World are…

Taurus Judge Fans.

Taurus Judge Fans Are The WORST

Really tempted to end this by saying, “That’s… that’s Ruger Fans’ music!” and then have Ruger Fan hit Taurus Judge Fan with a folding chair and then claim the title as his own, but the people have spoken.

The Final Tally:

  1. Taurus Judge Fans
  2. .40 S&W Fans
  3. Desert Eagle Fans

A few words about some of the fans left off the list:

  • 10mm Fan was ineligible for the tourney this year because of recruiting violations
  • .357 Sig Fan was not chosen because of the East Coast bias of the selection committee
  • 6.5 Grendel Fan is the #1 seed in the NIT

And most of all, thank you to everyone who voted!