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If you’re looking for a way to shorten the length of your AR Pistol, I’d take a long, hard look at the Maxim Defense CQB Brace, which also came with a JP Rifles Silent Capture Spring. I’m a big fan of that spring because it’s very reliable, easy to use and completely eliminates the “SPROING!” of the buffer spring recoil next to your ear.

I also did the review of the DoubleStar ARP-7 AR Pistol, and I loved the darn thing. Accurate little sucker too… I managed a few MOA and sub-MOA groups with it using SIG Sauer 77gr ammo.

And because there are very few articles on this topic, I wrote up five skill building pocket pistol drills you can shoot on an indoor range.

I’ve also found a lot of articles that showed you HOW to move on a USPSA stage, but darn few about WHY you wanted to do so, so I wrote a beginners guide to stage strategy for USPSA.

Gun sales are starting to flatten out. Am I surprised? No, not really.

Ten tips for starting out in competitive shooting.

How to talk with a violent criminal so you don’t get your a$$ kicked… or worse.

USPSA stage strategy for Production versus Open.

A cost breakdown of shooting at a public outdoor range vs. a private indoor range.