Problem, Solved

So I had a range session with Jeff Street of Step By Step Gun Training last week, and I think we FINALLY solved my issues with my CZ P07.

After analyzing my hits on the target, we noticed that my shots were way, way to the left of the bullseye and they were being strung out in a vertical line.

What was causing this is a three-fold issue:

  1. I was holding on to it too strongly with my right hand, which was pushing my shots off to the left
  2. I wasn’t holding the gun tight enough with my ring finger and pinkie, which caused some barrel movement as I pressed the trigger
  3. I’m old, and I wear bifocals, and so I needed to remember that I need to keep my head straight so the front sight isn’t fuzzy.

Once those two issues were solved, I was able to turn in some pretty decent 15 yard groups.

Now, onto the NRA Instructor Qualification!

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  1. You might consider getting a second bi-focal area added to the top of your glass’s lens for shooting. Some optometrists and/or labs won’t do it, so you may have to check around. I took a simulated handgun with me to allow them to get the focal distance (for the front sight) correct, since it it a bit different than a typical book reading setup. Might actually be about the same as for computer use, but I don’t remember. Avoid going oversize on lens diameter, as the glasses get notably heavier. This also aids in doing any sort of overhead work, which helps with the neck.

    We want to tuck our head down (hunch over?) when threatened (turtle head?) and this lens addition works with that reflex. Makes forceful, aggressive shooting stances more manageable.

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