Is This Just Fantasy?

A fair number of my more… enthusiastic friends in right-wide politics have responded to the increasing rhetoric of the left by saying something like “Oh yeah? Well, just try it, #$%!, we got all the guns!,” as if guns have anything to do with political violence.

Because by and large, they don’t.

Oh sure, there’s the shooting of Steve Scalise and other assorted assassinations, but for the most part, politically-motivated psychopaths use guns for the same reasons that criminally-motivated do: They are really useful in any situation where a threat of violent force is needed, like when you’re kidnapping someone or robbing a bank.

Unlike crooks, though, a political psychopath is doing violence for a cause that’s greater than his or her own self, and that means their crimes have to make a statement about their political motives and be directed at a specific enemy, and bombs are just PEACHY for this sort of thing. Aside from the mania that drives a looting spree, crooks don’t want to smash infrastructure, but a political actor needs to cripple the current system in order for their new system to take root.

So if you’re thinking, it’s ok, I’m set for Civil War 2.0 because I’ve got a Glock 17 and a kermabit somewhere on you, you’re wrong. Instead, carry a tourniquet, and have more than that ready to go either in your man-purse or in your car. Keep an eye out for shady people doing shady things. Be suspicious of packages you weren’t expecting from people you don’t know. Rather than expecting to stop an attack before it happens, be ready to clean up after the attack

Carrying a gun is just one element of a defensive lifestyle. Be ready for anything.

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