Missing Links.

Tam makes a good point, as she is wont to do.

“I’m never going to need tactical fantasy band camp!”

Ignore the safety apparel; the plates and helmet in the shoot house are as necessary as eyes and ears on the square range. Do you think that moving in a structure and problem-solving with a gun in your hand is a skill that might someday be necessary?

I’ve done a LOT of problem-solving with a gun in my hand; it’s called practical shooting, and I’m… ok at it. One thing I’ve not done, though, is take a class using either my defensive shotgun or my defensive rifle inside of a structure, which is kinda sorta how I foresee using said devices.

Whoops. Time to change that.

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  1. It’s not “shoothouse class or training?”, it’s “porque no los dos?”

    You should do a stage where there’s no stage walkthrough and only a sketchy brief with a definite end goal. Then run through the stage blind with another shooter at the same time.

    Like I noted elsewhere: “”It’s eye-opening to think about how many people are carrying guns in public who have zero formal training in safely moving around other people in a 360-degree environment with a loaded gun in their hand. There’s no 180-degree line at the mall.”

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