The Sheepdog Moment.

A weird thing happened last week as my wife and I were clothes shopping. I was hanging out, waiting for her to try on her clothes in the changing room, and as I usually do, I was firmly ensconced in Condition Yellow, splitting my time between keeping updated on what’s on going on by checking my phone and glancing around, seeing what was what and if anything was there that shouldn’t be there.

And I realized that a) that sort of thing seems… normal to me and b) no one else in the store was doing the same.

And that was a little jarring.

Now, I am not going to go full Grossman and “feel the wind blow through my cape,” but I understand how that emotion can spring up inside people who are serious about the armed citizen lifestyle. I have no desire to become a middle-aged Batman, but the difference in mindset between how I see the world now and how I saw it before I learned to carry is quite jarring.

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