Earth To Hunting Shows… Come In, Hunting Shows.

Ok, Gun Culture 1.0… now that you’re realized that your recruiting methods suck and they are not bringing in new hunters like you thought they would, maybe it’s time to look at hunting shows as well. Do we really want another “whispering in the hunting blind” program that’s nothing more than “Hey, here’s the sponsor’s product, here’s me shooting something with that product, thanks for watching!”?


Hog hunting is an obvious in-road, maybe one that focuses on bringing in shooters who are non-hunters into the sport, something like, say, a 3 gunner, or maybe a tactical Timmy of some sort. And then there is the obvious tie-in with Big Buck Hunter, one of the most-popular stand-up video games out there, so why not take high-score winners in that video game out on an actual hunt?

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  1. How dare you defy the Fudds and recommend the Ugly Feral Hog Hunting?

    You cannot compare the grace of a majestic 200.75 point buck to an ugly, back bristled savage pig.
    Plus pigs don’t take pretty pictures not can be properly mounted a top of the fireplace with making the place look like a butcher shop.

  2. Hunting is relatively easy. Sit down, STFU, don’t make noise and minimize movement or better yet, eliminate it. Because nobody can eliminate movement completely, move VERY slowly. Making/buying a blind helps a bunch in this regard.
    Wait for game and snipe it. That’s when the *hard* work starts.
    Killing and gutting is easy compared to the boning and packaging.

    And since hogs are considered a major PITA to ranchers and farmers, why would I have to pay to shoot one (or 5)? Aren’t hog shooters doing the land owner a favor?

    1. But you can’t do that just anywhere in the wilderness, otherwise you’re going to be sitting down for a long, long time before you see something amble by for the harvest.

      That’s where the skill of knowing where to hunting comes in. As a friend of mine says about his consulting business, you pay $1 to have someone push the button and you pay $99 for knowing which button to push.

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