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An interesting peek behind the curtain of the gun biz. I’m not 100% certain that Ruger’s new product strategy will succeed. Personally, I’d be worried that sales of the EC-9 and Security 9 are cannibalizing sales of the 9mm ‘Murican, but at the end of the day, it’s profit that’s king, and Ruger seems to be doing OK.

So awhile ago, I wrote that no one had tried to duplicate my “women choose their own carry guns” article. I was wrong, American Rifleman* expanded on the concept and took it to the next level. What did the women in their test choose as their favorite gun to shoot and carry? A gun that I’ve been recommending to the recoil-adverse for a long, long time now.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I no longer carry a SWAT-T or RATS Tourniquet. The other reason is, an SOFT-T-W tourniquet in either a Flatpack or a Blue Force Gear pouch is about the same size as those two, and they have the added advantage of actually working when you need it.

A reminder that if it’s not within arm’s reach at this very moment, it’s not that useful in an emergency situation (via Grant Cunningham).

Greg has a great rundown of what to look for in your first AR-15. The only things I might change with his suggestions is to add in the SIG M400 as good rifle to start with and b) go with a 16″ barrel on a general-purpose AR versus a 14.5″ barrel.

This article is changing my mind about the efficacy of .22LR as a defensive round. Are the better rounds? Hell yes! Is it a useless defensive round? Maybe not.

Claude is spot-on here: Shoot/no-shoot situations are a part of pretty much every single practical pistol match ever, the fact is, it’s pretty much non-existent in most civilian firearms training. More importantly, you don’t need to shoot a match or go all force-on-force to introduce an element of critical decision making into the process of carrying concealed.


* Or Riflewoman, whatever.