The Software Problem

As I’ve said before, guns right now remind me of personal computer industry of the early 80’s, for a number of reasons. One thing I haven’t talked about, though, is how software, or rather, the perception of what software was really needed, drove the PC market back then.

Thanks to Phoenix BIOS, everybody and his dog was coming out with an “IBM Compatible” PC, mainly because everyone thought they needed to run Lotus 1-2-3, and before that, VisiCalc. This focus on a specific app mean that the  PC was still thought of as a single-use device, much like it’s minicomputer ancestors.

That’s where we are with consumer guns right now. People are buying Glocks and NotGlocks because they want them for a single use. namely, to “Feel Safe,” and consumers don’t yet realize that it’s software that drives the mission. The home PC market really took off when computers became more than single-use devices, when Myst and other games meant you could relax with a PC at home just as easily as you could use it for schoolwork or work work. This is 90% of the gun industry right now… we are selling hardware focused on a single task, and we have no idea how to sell other programs.

What’s holding us back isn’t the hardware, what’s holding us back is finding a program which shows that a gun is more than just a single-use device.