Oh Right… Content.

Sorry, but life has gotten a bit weird, and that’s cut into my writing time.

Also, I have the foggiest notion of a glimmer of an idea about writing about why people who get their concealed carry permit don’t actually carry their guns, but that’s taking a while to gel to the point where I can post about it.

Come back Monday.

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  1. Here’s some data for you. I’ve kept track of my police encounters with CCW licensees this year (Ohio is a mandatory notification state). I’ve encountered 18 CCW licensees this year in police situations where they are required by law to notify me if they are carrying. Most of those were traffic stops, but I also had one traffic accident and one “suspicious person” call.

    Of the 18 licensees, only two were carrying. One was carrying a .40 XD in an Uncle Mike’s holster in the glove compartment of his car. The other was carrying a Ruger SR40 stuck into his waistband without a holster in the small of his back.

    16/18 were not carrying at the time of my encounter.

    1. That’s… enlightening. And a little disheartening. Many years ago, my CCW instructor told my class that only 1 in 3 of us would take this seriously and carry our guns on a regular basis.

      Turns out he was wildly optimistic.

  2. Some years ago my city of residence suffered a riot. Immediately the sheriff’s dept froze all applications for new permits.
    I won’t get caught like that again.

  3. Greg, a gun in the glovebox is “carrying”?
    (I live in a non-notify state but still tell any LEO I’m in official contact with)

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