The Minimalist.

I’ve recently become fascinated with the “van life” movement, where mostly young couples forgo most of the trappings of modern life and choose to life in large cargo vans instead of an apartment or small house.

Which got me thinking… we gun nuts like doing a “five guns” idea, where we limit ourselves to just a certain number of firearms, but what you buy if you were limited by space, say, a small storage space that’s just 1 ft by 1 ft by 3 1/2 ft?

My choices:

  • 16″ Barrel AR-15 with a 1-4x optic – Aside from taking larger game, there’s really nothing you can’t do with this gun
  • Mossberg 590 Tri-Rail – With ghost ring sights and the ability to take chokes, this gun can pretty much do it all
  • Glock 19 – Because I can shoot IDPA with it, or carry it, or train with it, and there’s no accessory you can’t get for it
  • .22LR Adapter for the AR-15 – Plinking, training, etc
  • .22LR Adapter for the Glock 19 – See above
  • Two .50 cal ammo cans full of ammo

I’ve not measured it out, but that should come pretty darn close to fitting into a 3.5 cubic foot space, and yet those guns will allow me to hunt for hogs and coyotes, shoot most of the clay sports (just not shoot them well). That shotgun will allow me to hunt for deer or blast away at waterfowl with the appropriate magazine plug inserted, and I also have a .22 rifle and .22 pistol for plinking and practice. The only thing I’d add to that list is a pocket 9mm, something even smaller than my Shield which can fit into the front pocket of a pair of khakis and in 9mm so I don’t have to stock another ammo type.

Your ideas?

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  1. I like your thinking. I always felt it better to own one good firearm rather than 5 mediocre of the same just to have more.

    I pretty well have your list (we must think alike) and I added the SIG 365 for the micro 9mm.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m ready to get rid of the other that I purchased over the years.

    Thanks for the thought.

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