How Accurate Is The CMMG .22LR AR-15 Adapter

With the right ammo, pretty good. Not sniper rifle good, but off-the-shelf Ruger 10/22 good.

A little background: I got a CMMG .22LR adapter from Brownells a few years ago, and since then, it’s pretty much lived inside my CavArms build as a general purpose range plinker.

One thing that’s on my gunbucket list is an Appleseed Project, but as I don’t own a 10/22, I would need to either shoot it with my Mossberg Plinkster (bad idea… I hate that gun), my Savage .22 bolt gun (which, in theory, would work), shoot it in .223 (possible, but pricey) or shoot it with the CMMG adapter in that AR-15.

But first, I needed to see just what that adapter could really do. I know from my previous post that sub-2MOA groups were possible with that adapter and a 20″ barrel, but what would it do with the 16″ barrel in my plastic AR?

As it turns out, with the right ammo, just over 2MOA. All of these were shot at 25 yards, using the CMMG adapter with a Vortex 1x Red Dot sight.

Top Left: CCI Green Tip 40 Grain Match

Top Right: CCI Mini Mag 40 Grain SHP

Bottom Right: Federal Premium 40 Grain Hunter Match

To be honest, I’m kinda surprised at how poorly the Federal ammo did, but seeing how those are 1/2 inch squares at 25 feet, the CCI Green Tag was just over 2 MOA. Not bad.

With those results in mind, I think it’s time to get in some more match ammo and let’s see what this gun can really do.

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