Ready To Qual

The NRA Pistol Qualifier has been kicking my butt as of late. What SHOULD be a rather easy test of marksmanship (20 shots into an eight inch circle at fifteen yards, sixteen within the circle, six inch maximum group size) has turned into a nightmare for me. It’s not that I can’t shoot (I did a darn good job at the last Louland match I attended, placing in the top third on all the stages) it’s just that all my training for the last ten years or so has bee based around learning to balance speed and accuracy, and this test is 100% accuracy, no speed. I’ve shot it three times now, and each time, I failed to pass, sometimes spectacularly.

This does not make me happy.

Practice, however, makes perfect, so with some help from Aaron over at Shoot Center, Jeff from StepByStep and lots and lots of dry fire practice, I managed to do this during my last practice session.

“But Kevin,” I hear you say, “looking at those photos, you’re setting yourself up for more failure!”

And you’d be right, if those were 8 inch circles. But they’re not, they’re six inch circles. I figure that the true test here isn’t getting sixteen shots out of twenty shots into an eight inch circle, it’s getting sixteen out of twenty shots into a six inch group. Which I’ve done. With two different guns.

I’ll take it.

Oh, and as an aside, I shot a 5×5 drill with my LCP2 just to keep up my skill with that little gun, and it turned out pretty well. Not bad for a pistol about the same size as a chocolate chip cookie.

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