Thank You, Smith And Wesson.

My youngest son and I had a blast last month shooting my red-dotted Smith&Wesson M22A, because it’s a seriously fun gun to shoot. Like laugh-out-loud-after-a-mag-dump fun.

But after just three mags through the gun, it jammed up tight on us, and we had to set it aside (major bummer), and to make matters worse, I spotted a crack along the frame right by the trigger guard, and it was pretty obvious the gun itself was broken in two.


I sent it back to Smith&Wesson, and not only did they swap it out for a brand-new .22LR Victory, they upgraded me to the threaded barrel version so I (eventually) drop a can on it as well (I’m thinking that this little sucker might go well with the gun).

Thanks, Smith&Wesson, for not only replacing my old and busted M22A with the latest .22LR hotness, but upgrading me as well!

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  1. Now that is the way to do customer service. Smith has learned from the mistakes of the past. Good for them, and good for you.

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