God Made Man. O.F. Mossberg And Sons Made Him Equal.

God Made Man. O.F. Mossberg and Sons Made Him Equal.

Thanks to Shane W. for this addition to the DGC. 

Elderly Midfield homeowner shoots and kills intruder

Midfield (Alabama) police Sgt. Jesse Bell said an elderly man was asleep in his bed when he heard a noise and went to investigate. He found an intruder in his home and opened fire with a shotgun. The intruder was pronounced dead on the scene.

Authorities have not yet released his name, but said he is believed to be a 34-year-old Midfield man. “Right now our investigation shows they didn’t know each other,” Bell said.

It is the city’s third homicide in 2013. The city’s first homicide, back on May 9, also involved a homeowner who fatally shot a man during a theft at his home. 

Two of the three homicides this year in Midfield, Alabama have been intruders getting blasted by homeowners. You’d think that the crooks would catch on to this fact and move into another line of work, but if they were smart, they wouldn’t be petty thieves. 

They’d get elected to Congress, so they could be big time crooks and thieves! 

Dead Goblin Count: 452

Dead Goblin Count, Ray Bradbury Edition

Dead Goblin Count, Ray Bradbury Edition

DGC 451, or, By The Pricking Of My Thumbs, A Dead Goblin This Way Comes.

My good friend Danno from SandCastle Scrolls sends this one in.

“Pizza delivery driver shoots, kills armed robber trying to steal cash”

Redford Township police say the pizza delivery driver opened fire as he was being robbed by 20-year-old Tajuan Boyd.

Boyd was later pronounced dead at a Michigan hospital.

After the shooting, witnesses say they saw a possible accomplice speeding away from the scene.

An armed robbery in Detroit. What are the odds?
Memo to would-be armed robbers: Avoid the Noid and/or armed pizza delivery drivers. 

Dead Goblin Count: 451.


Dead Goblins #449 And #450

Dead Goblins #449 and #450

Shane W. (a regular contributor) sends in the first new additions to the ongoing saga of the Dead Goblin Count. 

“Suspected Armed Robber Shot and Killed by Pharmacist”

DUMAS, AR — A man is dead after a failed attempt to rob a local pharmacy.

According to Dumas police, 31-year-old Tavell Lawson entered Meador Pharmacy around 5:30 a.m. Friday wearing a mask and wielding a gun, then demanded money from the pharmacist, who was just opening the store.

The pharmacist initially retreated, but when he could retreat no longer, he pulled his own concealed weapon and shot and killed the masked gunman.

Police say the pharmacist is a concealed-carry permit holder. 

Can’t really add more to that than what’s there. The next DGC addition is a little more troubling….

“Police: Chicago man shot in self-defense at Hammond house”

A Chicago man was killed in an early Sunday shooting that police say appears to be justifiable.

Jonathan Butler, 30, of the 100 block of West 108th Place in Chicago, died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Lake County coroner’s office said. He was pronounced dead at 1:15 a.m. and the death was ruled a homicide by the coroner’s office.

Hammond Police Chief Brian Miller said Butler showed up at 11:30 p.m. at a house in the 4000 block of Grover Avenue and began arguing with the homeowner about money. The undisclosed amount of money in question is believed to stem from a drug debt, police said.

Miller said the homeowner shot Butler twice and he died at the scene.

The homeowner was not in police custody Sunday night. Miller said it appears the homeowner shot Butler in self-defense and it’s a justifiable shooting.

So what part of that story leapt off the screen and grabbed your attention? If you’re like me, (and I know I am), it was “The undisclosed amount of money in question is believed to stem from a drug debt”. 

Justified self-defense? Probably. Avoidable use of force? Most definitely. 

Dead Goblin Count: 450.