The Family That Stacks Together, Attacks Together

What would a “Tactical Gentleman’s Weekend” for Gun Culture 2.0 look like?

It’s an interesting challenge, because let’s face it, shooting stuff from speedboats is FUN, while learning how to de-escalate an angry drunk has a certain “eat your broccoli, it’s good for you” feel to it. It’s been my goal for a while now to eat my broccoli and become a responsible gun owner in every sense of the word. The issue is, though, that society today does not see “responsible” as a desirable thing, so balancing the broccoli and the ice cream is an ongoing challenge.

With that in-mind, here’s what I’d like to see in two-day “tactical gentleman’s” weekend that would apply to today’s CCW holder.

  • A Heavy Emphasis On Concealed Carry
    Ideally, you’d have to commit to coming to class with your primary carry rig, along with a few extra mag pouches for administration purposes.
  • Holistic, lifestyle-based approach to personal protection.
    Concealed carry, home defense, whatever.
  • Defending others as well as yourself.
    Girlfriend, friends, family, whatever. We don’t live on a deserted island, and our training shouldn’t reflect that either.

Some specific topics to cover:

  • Creating a safe room, home security, low-light ops
  • De-Escalation / Situational Awareness
  • Intro to Empty hand / Combatives
  • Basic Trauma Care
  • Shoot / No Shoot (ideally in a shoothouse of some kind

Will I ever see such a thing in my lifetime? Dunno. But it’d be cool when it happens.


Gentlemen Prefer Bombs.

This is an interesting take on the usual weekend-long tactical training class.

11 spots left for Tactical Gentlemen’s Weekend! This next one will be at Strange Farms in Georgia! Thursday, March 23rd through Sunday, March 26th. 4 days 3 nights. All the food and beer is included along with over a $1,000 in training classes! We will also be sponsoring 4 wounded vets from Wishes For Warriors. Classes being offered for the weekend.
Advanced Handgun Class:
Low-Light Night Class:
Vehicle Defense Class:
Close Quarters Combatives Armed & Unarmed Class:
Last day will feature a surprise with water operations(speed boat)! Cost for the entire weekend is $1200.

Okay, I like where this is headed. Sorta. It smacks a little too much of “Get drunk and shoot guns in the woods” for my liking, but I like how it’s about more than just shooting guns; it’s about guys becoming better at a bunch of things that would help them defend themselves and their loved ones.

But high-speed water operations in a speedboat? Just how exactly does that apply to my life? Yes, it sounds like fun, but look, if I want to fun things with guns for the sake of doing fun things with guns, I’ll beg, whine and plead to go out to something like this the next time it’s in town.

As I said earlier, though, I like where this is headed. But what would a version of this “Gentlemen’s weekend” look like for those of us who don’t consider MOLLE webbing to be a fashion statement?

More on that later.

Owning The Audience Is Better Than Owning The Factory.

At least that’s the way it is for most consumer products out there right now, with one noticeable exception.


As I’ve said before, guns right now are where computers were at about 1982 or so. People are starting to wake up to the idea that they’re useful to have around, but they have NO FREAKIN’ CLUE what to do with them.

Fun fact: Computer manufacturers used to say that organizing your recipes was a big reason to have a computer in the home.

No, really, they did.

That’s where we are with Gun Culture 2.0 right now. There are a lot of companies creating new gadgets, but what those companies don’t provide along with their new Blast-o-magic 3000 is a reason for people to own a gun beyond “It’s a gun. It’s got our name in it. Buy it, or get lost.”.

Yeah, that’s a message that’ll play well, now that guns are become a mass commodity consumer good.

Current Casual EDC

A quick update now that I’m carrying around a smaller trauma kit.


Clockwise from upper left:

And I normally carry an SOG Mini Instinct as well, along the centerline of my body. All of this easily conceals in a normal pair of jeans underneath an untucked t-shirt, and I’ve carried in on 3+ mile walks as well. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got now, and barring any changes like a new laser, this should be my “go to” for days when I don’t have to play dress-up in the office.

Update: Rats, hit “Publish” instead of “Save”. Oh well, you’ll find out more about the trauma kit tomorrow.

Lawfully Armed Citizen Arrives On-Scene of Officer In Distress. What’s Expected To Happen Next, Happens.

Yep, the (legally) armed citizen saved the officer’s life. Again.

(Arizona Department of Public Safety) says the trooper was “ambushed” by a suspect who came from an unknown direction. The suspect shot the trooper at least once in the chest-shoulder area and fought the trooper to the ground.

A passerby stopped to render aid and the trooper asked for help. Officials say the driver went back to his car, grabbed a gun and shot at the suspect who was not following his commands to stop attacking the trooper. The suspect was killed.

Good shooting, Mr. Passerby. Next time, though, carry on your person when you’re in your car. It’s faster. And I hope you also never have to pay for a beer again for the rest of your life.

And, in the interests of fairness and equal time, I will now make a detailed, comprehensive list of all the times that a civilian member of the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence, the Brady Campaign and/or a supporter of Black Lives Matter has stopped an in-progress assault on a police officer.

There. Don’t ever say I’m not fair and balanced when it comes to the effectiveness of an armed vs. disarmed citizenry.

It’s Like The NRA Reads This Blog, Or Something.

Me, a few weeks ago:

What’s needed is a politically-neutral exposition of all things Gun Culture 2.0 that has a participation element as well. No rants about “THEY’RE TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOU GUNS!“. No Republican voter registration drives. Just guns, ways to enjoy your guns and ways to be around people who like guns.

The NRA, now:

Experience a full array of educational seminars and workshops featuring the best personal protection and concealed carry practices taught and demonstrated by leading experts and training instructors from across the country.  Ranging from one hour informational seminars to multi-hour, in-depth instruction and hands on training, there will be a wide variety of topics and options for all skill and knowledge levels.

Needs more shootey, but other than that, yeah, this looks pretty good. It’d be REALLY cool if the NRA could team up with a local range to run, say, a shortened version of The Mover and The Practical Bianchi Cup stages somewhere close to the event to help boost interest in one of practical shooting’s oldest events.

Thanks to GunCulture2.0 for the heads-up.

Ready. Fire. Aim.

Santa was a few days late with this present to Nevada gun owners, but I’m sure they don’t mind. Sebastian points out that Michael Bloomberg’s brand new make gun ownership illegal “universal background check” law can’t be enforced in Nevada, because Bloomberg’s lawyers seem to be unaware of how Nevada’s gun laws actually work.

NRS 202.254, as amended by Background Check Act, makes it a crime to engage in private sales or transfers of firearms (with certain exceptions) unless a federally licensed dealer conducts a federal background check on the potential buyer or transferee. Because the Act specifically directs the deal to run checks through the FBI’s NICS system, the Nevada Department of Public Safety has no authority to perform the background checks required by the Act.

Nevada, like Pennsylvania and Florida, uses a state-run background check system and not NICS, so the FBI/ATF had no jurisdiction and authority to run background checks in Nevada. It’s roughly equivalent to writing a law which mandates that the police department in Bangor, Maine, write the speeding tickets for Glendale, Arizona. Yes, the Bangor Police Department writes a lot of tickets, but no, their actions have little, if any effect on the traffic laws of Arizona.

Congratulations, Bloomberg. That’s $20 million you could have spent on something that would have actually lowered crime and improved the lives of the people of Nevada, but you chose to do this instead.



Glock and Roll

If guns are the new Harley-Davidson, where is the new Sturgis?

Motorcycle riders have been gathering at Sturgis since 1938*, but it didn’t become Sturgis until recently, when the middle class started riding motorcycles and wanted to travel somewhere to be with people who shared their common interest in motorcycles.

We have several gun related get-togethers like gun shows and the NRA Annual Meeting, but noticeably absent from those events is people safely enjoying how their guns shoot. Also, it’s my belief that there are gun owners who aren’t yet willing to join the NRA, due to the political nature of the NRA and it’s perceived extremism in some circles, and that needs to change, too.

What’s needed is a politically-neutral exposition of all things Gun Culture 2.0 that has a participation element as well. No rants about “THEY’RE TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOU GUNS!“. No Republican voter registration drives. Just guns, ways to enjoy your guns and ways to be around people who like guns.

Some more thoughts on that tomorrow**.

* Incidentally, the first rallies were based around competition, not showing off your bikes. Think there might be a lesson there for gun companies? I do.
** Engagement, people. It’s called engagement.

A Carpet-Bombing of Truth.

“What we of the ‘cognoscenti’ fail to recognize and accept is that few average people will carry a service weapon.  Here’s why: a holstered Glock 19 is the size of a Small Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and weighs as much as two cans of uncondensed soup. What normal person wants to carry that on their belt or in their pants? Our continuing proselytizing for carrying a brick around is one of the main reasons only a small percentage of people who can legally carry actually do carry.”

Claude Werner

“To carry a glock 19 you have to want to carry a glock 19. A lot of people simply don’t want to carry something that big and therefore won’t carry something that big. Some people may scoff at the chocolate chip cookie sized .380; however, for a lot of people that represents the maximum inconvenience they are willing to put up with for what they perceive as a low probability event.”

– Mordecai Yitzhak

I recommend a Glock 19-sized gun for first-time gun buyers because it’s about the minimum size for a pistol that you can train with and practice with on a regular basis, and it’s also a darn handy home self-defense gun. Is it a good concealed carry gun for most people? Probably not. As I sit and type this, I have a “chocolate chip cookie sized .380” (I am SO stealing that phrase) in my pocket BECAUSE THAT IS ALL I CAN CARRY RIGHT NOW… and I’m lucky to get away with even that.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again What’s the best camera for you, the non-professional photographer? The camera you have with you right now, and your ability to see photographs as they happen. What’s the best gun for you, the casual gun owner? The gun you have with you right now, and your ability to see danger before it becomes, well, dangerous.

Update: I wrote this post and queued it up yesterday, before I knew that Michael Bane was going to talk about these things on his podcast.

I gotta admit, though, I did like the old-school flow in that song, but then again, I’ve liked Chuck D’s music* since “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.”

* Music, not politics. There’s a difference.