Recoil Therapy

Recoil Therapy

Oh, the joys of working at a gun range that has .22LR in-stock and gives it’s employees free range time.

Got into work early last week and put 50 rounds through my father-in-law’s K22.


I really need to keep my trigger jerk under control, and there is nothing like the long pull of a double action revolver to help you WAIT for the sight picture throughout the entire trigger press, rather than “See sight picture, hurry up, shoot gun, get trigger jerk.”

Also, I’m shooting high because I’m used to a center-mass hold, and the K22 is set up for a 6 o’clock hold. Once I remembered that (and got those flyers at 3 o’clock under control), things settled in quite nicely.

Sorry About That

Sorry about that

Life got a little busy Thursday and Friday, and it’ll be busy for a few more weeks.  I can’t guarantee a post a day this week, but I’ve got my new CZ in my hands, so expect something on that at the minimum.

The fact of the matter is, it’s easier for me to write than it is to NOT write, so this blog will go on, if a little intermittently for the nonce.

Nineteenth (-ish) Report

Nineteenth (-ish) Report

Let’s not talk about the Dot Torture Drill, shall we? I ended up in the mid-30’s, my worst Dot Torture ever, and I trashed the target before I took a picture of it.

The reason? My trigger jerk showed up again. I haven’t been dry-firing as of late, so I have no reason to expect good results from my range time, and guess what, that’s what I got.

Fortunately, I was semi-expecting such things, so I brought along my S&W 22A and picked up 300 Mini-Mags at the range (yes, we have them in-stock) and started to isolate on my trigger.

I *really* like a .22 pistol and a red-dot for such things. The recoil on a .22 is almost non-existent, and the red dot allows me to see how my point of aim is moving around during the trigger press.

100 rounds later, this happened at 15 yards, firing rapidly.


I can dig it.

classifier-244x300Another issue I need to work on is the IDPA Classifier, specifically the third stage. The last time I shot it, it was a disaster, with SIXTY-ONE (count ’em!, 61!) points down on the third stage.

So I decided to practice just the 1st string of fire in the third stage, which goes as follows:

String #1 Shooter Position 4 – Draw and fire 2 shots each at T1 – T3 in Tactical Priority from either side of the barricade using cover, do a Loaded Chamber Reload and fire 2 shots each at T1 – T3 in Tactical Priority from the opposite side of the barricade using cover. (12 shots)

The last time I shot Stage 3, I shot String #1 in 18.7 seconds. Today, I shot it three times, averaging 19.28 seconds, with the target at 12.5 yards, and I’m pretty happy with the results.


That semi-transperant target is the IDPA target reduced to 50% (because I shot this at 12.5 yards, not 20 yards), and I’m down just 35 points total.

That averages out to 19.28 seconds and 12 points down. Cool.

I Won A Gun

I won a gun

First it was the new CZ, now this. I won A Daniel Defense DDM4V1, courtesy of Friends Of The NRA.


The DDM4v1, the original Daniel Defense Rifle, is built with a Cold Hammer Forged 16” M4 Profile barrel with a Carbine gas system.  It comes installed with our proprietary front sight base which is precision CNC machined from a solid billet of 4140 steel.  This FSB features a serrated curved design to minimize glare and is salt bath nitride treated minimizing corrosion and wear.  The DDM4 Rail 12.0™ FSP allows the operator to mount a weapon light or aiming device forward of the front sight for optimal ergonomics and a clear line of sight.  Quick disconnect attachment points are integrated to the front and back on both sides of the rail for fully ambidextrous sling attachment.  This rifle also comes with the newly designed, rugged and comfortable Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol Grip.

Yay me!

It’s a good gun, but I think I’ll sell it and use my ill-botten gooty to pick up a 1911 for Single Stack and tweak the new CZ for use as a backup for Production.

Bug, Meet Windshield. Windshield, Bug.

Bug, meet windshield. Windshield, bug.

See this? This had all the makings of a fun little range trip…


… right up when I got twelve rounds into the Dot Torture, whereupon my extractor blew into an even half-dozen pieces, ending the things right then and there.

And I was 12/12 on the DT at the time, too. Sonuva…

Maybe I shoulda stayed in bed…

Quick Thoughts On Open Carry

Quick thoughts on open carry


Open-carry with a Serpa holster is like wearing a clip-on tie to your best friend’s wedding. You can do better, so do so.

If you want open carry to become the norm, normal people must act normal while carrying openly. People who carry AR-15’s into Jack In The Box are not acting normally.

I miss having open carry. I really do. Even though I carried sans concealment only about once a month at best, there was a pleasant feeling knowing that if I wanted to do it, I could, and would.

I’ve lost weight, and my old open carry belt is too big on me now. Fortunately, I work in a gun store, and replacements are close at hand.

If you can try open carry haven’t, do so soon. You’ll find that all the worries you had about carrying concealed will pop up once again, and just like when you started carrying concealed, no one will care that you have a gun.

The Police Are The "Only Ones Qualified", Part The Whatever

The Police Are The "Only Ones Qualified", Part the Whatever

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.29.01 PM

I qualified for HR218 last week so I can open-carry at work. I easily made the par times and dropped two shots for the entire qualifier, one when I shot the first part from retention, and one when I went for headshots on Stage 2, because gamer.

To be honest, HR218 is EASY. The course of fire should be a breeze for any “D” class or above USPSA shooter, and it’s a cakewalk compared to the IDPA classifier. I did find out I need to practice shooting from retention more often: I felt awkward shooting from that position, and my aim was HORRID.

Tab Clearing, 05/12/15 Edition

Tab Clearing, 05/12/15 Edition

A few notes in passing…

Congratulations to my TeamGunblogger cohort Jaci Janes for joining Team Sig Sauer! Jaci’s innate talent and commitment to the shooting sports far exceeds mine, so it’s good to see all her hard work rewarded in this way.

Ben and Luke over at Triangle Tactical tackle my question about practical shooting drills for an indoor range, and I like their ideas. I should note that the Surefire Shot Timer app comes with a dandy par timer setting which would work well with their suggestions.

Should you ever shoot someone in the back? Good question. About 15 years ago, I did a run through the Tempe Police Department video simulator, and did quite well on the shoot/no shoot tests, right up to the point where I refused to back-shoot someone who had just shot my partner. The prep made it to cover, and shot me. Game over. Looking back on it now, the programmers of the sim decided the dude was an “imminent deadly threat” because he already offed a (virtual) cop and therefore was likely to kill again. Which he did. I get the idea, but still, shooting someone in the back seems…

A Reminder: "Gun Free Zones", Aren't

A Reminder: "Gun Free Zones", aren't


The metal detectors at Amalie Arena in Tampa are there for your protection. They go off at the slightest whiff of a dangerous weapon, and staffed with security professionals who are trained to stop threats before they happened.

Or, you know, not.

Lucas Cassidy, 27, was removed from Section 320 in the arena and charged with a second-degree misdemeanor for bringing a handgun into the event.

Tampa police say a fan who saw Cassidy drop a handgun in the restroom alerted authorities who arrested him during the third period of the game.

“We would rather that it hadn’t happened, we wish it didn’t,” said Amalie Arena Vice President Mary Milne.

Asked how Cassidy got past security, Milne said it was human error.

Cassidy, she says, had set off a metal detector, but showed a staff member the keys in his pocket. With a crowd of people still waiting to get into the game, he was let through without being rechecked.

Legal notice: Don’t carry your otherwise-legal firearm in place you shouldn’t, especially in government buildings, schools and the like. That’s bad, bad juju.

That being said, have I waltzed past “No guns allowed” signs posted in private businesses while carrying? Yep.

Concealed means concealed, after all.

What this incident really shows is the utter futility of “gun free zones”. Despite a metal detector and security guard, there was a gun in the arena. Probably more than one.

Build a better mousetrap, and smarter mice will figure out ways to get the cheese.

Exit question: This incident started when a gun was dropped onto the floor and panic ensued. Would the response to this stupid accident have been different in Florida had an open carry law?

Four Months Without A Gun

Four Months Without A Gun


Due to a snafu with my mailing address, I *finally* received my Florida CCW today, after applying for it back in January of this year. The last time I legally carried a firearm for self-defense was December 19, 2014, and going so long without a CCW gun has taught me a few lessons…

  1. Naples is a very safe city. Not safe enough that I’m comfortable without a gun near me, though.
  2. A gun in my car is NOT near enough.
  3. A flashlight and awareness are very nice tools for self-protection. A flashlight, awareness and a CZ P07 is MUCH better.
  4. You get used to not carrying a gun. That’s not a good thing. Now I need to re-learn daily carry, and as I do so, I’ll update things, as I think it will give me a fresh perspective on the armed lifestyle.

Oh, and things are calming down at work after our opening (I have a day off this week! Yay!) so expect more content as well.