One For The Money

One For The Money

Now go, cat, go!

As you are reading this, my family and I are either on our way to Naples, Florida, or have already arrived there to re-start our life together. My job with Osage County Guns just wasn’t viable in the long run, and as much as my wife and I loved (and I mean really loved) small-town living, the employment options for an internet marketing dude in a town of 1500 in central Missouri were diddley and/or squat.

Enter Lotus Gunworks Naples.

Your life. Plus guns.

It’s a new “guntry” club opening up early next year in the very wealthy (and very Republican) Naples area. It’s got a VIP area. They manufacture their own ammo for the range. They will have 30+ lanes. They have a teleportation device to instantly move clients from the showroom to the range.

The Alamo At Lotus Gunworks Naples

I may have made that last one up.

The job opportunity with this range just staggers the imagination. I loved my time with Osage County Guns and they run a tight ship there, but it just wasn’t right for me over the long haul, and that’s what I’m interested in these days. Now, however, instead of just marketing guns, I’ll be marketing Gun Culture 2.0. All that stuff I’ve written about building a gun club for today’s gun owner? Yeah, now I actually have to do it. Yikes!

So what does that mean for you?

When I was at Osage County Guns, we gave away an S&W Bodyguard and a Sig .22 1911 as a show of support to the online firearms world. So what will happen now that I have access to a range, warm winter temperatures, lots of ammo and full auto guns?

The mind, as they say, reels.

So if you could, could you swing by their Facebook page and give them a like? Also, if you’re a gunblogger, YouTuber (tubist?) or a blog reader in the Florida area (C’mon, I *know* you’re out there: I can see you in my Analytics), drop me a note. I want to hear from you, because there’s some cool things I want to with the Florida gunblogging community because you all are on the front lines.

Sadly, though, it looks like a rental 20mm Vulcan Air Defense System won’t be in the works.

I asked, and they said “No.”

But that’s about the only disappointment ahead. I can’t tell you how excited I am to do this, it’s an opportunity like nothing I’ve done before. I’ll have a chance to create a gun range and showroom environment that will be more than I can imagine.

And I can imagine quite a bit.