Things You Never Hear In The Gun World …

“Don’t buy the CZ… they’re not accurate.”

“Glocks? Good luck finding accessories for it.”

“I’d go with the Taurus for its reliability.”

“A 10/22? No, you want something a little more common.”

“You will never run out of holster options for that EAA Witness.”

“Stay away from .22LR: The recoil is brutal.”

“Don’t get an AR-15. You don’t want to be locked into that platform.”

“There are hundreds of police forces around the world who rely on the Smith&Wesson Governor as their sidearm of choice.”

“Don’t you think that Desert Eagle is a little… understated?”

Ok, yours?


I messed up the scheduling for yesterday’s posts, so here’s something from a few years ago:

A model displays an outfit by designer Andres Sarda during the Spring/Summer 2008 Pasarela Cibeles fashion show in Madrid

A friend of mine got this in her email:

Query: I am looking for a person who can comment on home goods and/or women’s fashion with a specific eye on the way modern handguns are being used as pop art or decorative motifs. From an AK-47 ceramic standing lamp at a lighting store to gun ice cube trays at Urban Outfitters to crystal-encrusted gun necklaces at boutiques to gun knitting kits on etsy, images of modern gunsare showing up in unexpected places. I want to know what this means? Why would we take something dangerous and screen print it on a pillow? What does this say about guns and violence? What messages do these images and products send? Who is buying them? Are they chic? Tacky? Dangerous? Fun?

My response:

  1. Mixing AR’s and AK’s in your decor is a big faux pas. It’s not tactical when you do that, it’s tacky-tical.
  2. Be warned: Some people find Glock-themed throw pillows are hard to angle properly on the couch.
  3. Never buy an ammunition-themed necklace unless its price tag begins with a “4”.
  4. Note: Coyote brown and coyote pelts don’t really go together.
  5. Never wear black tactical gear after Memorial Day.
  6. Picatinny rails: Good for rifles, bad for slingback pumps.
  7. Kalishinkitty products never get old.
  8. Keep your finger off the knitting needles until your purl is on-target.
  9. Hi-capacity “assault” purses should be restricted to nursing mothers and grade-school teachers.
  10. People worried about violence and fashion have never seen what happens when shoes go on sale on Nordstrom’s…

The Public Gets What The Public Wants.

But I don’t get what this society wants*.

Let’s pause for a moment to consider this item: The Grip Shot, which allows you to mount a handgun on the accessory rail of your rifle.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Why in the name of Colonel John Dean Cooper do I need this gadget? It is a solution to a non-existent problem. It is the very personification of an Alton Brown Unitasker, a tool that does only one thing, and usually not very well. To borrow from Alton, the ONLY reason I can ever see buying one of these is to give it as a gift to a gun owner I don’t like all that much.

What’s next? Tactical Cue Cats?

Skills > Equipment. Always.

*Yep, another music reference, this time from The Jam.